All Around the World, Statues Crumble for Me…

Hello, everyone. πŸ™‚

Today has been a good day. I managed to get the apartment clean, finally. Well, my bedroom still needs to be worked on, but that’s just a disaster that will have to be attacked on a later date!

I spent some time with a good friend and played endless games of Mancala (which I am surprisingly bad at… Either that, or my friend is just amazing!) while chilling out on the couch with a Sonic blast. A Community marathon was also involved, which never leads to a dull moment in my opinion. (“Troy and Abed in the moooorrrnin’!”)

Now I’m jamming to some music like I always do and drinking a Pepsi, even though I should be trying to go to sleep. Tomorrow should be yet another good day. It’s pay day and then clubbing in Nashville! I can’t wait!

Talk to you later, my lovelies. In the mean time, have a good night (or day if you happen to be reading this on the other side of the world) and keep on dancing!


Matchbox Twenty – Exile On Mainstream – Rdio


Cover of "Exile on Mainstream"

Cover of Exile on Mainstream

via Matchbox Twenty – Exile On Mainstream – Rdio.

Perfect cleaning the house music. πŸ™‚

Because it must be done. By the way, I just woke up, after not being able to fall asleep until around seven this morning. Yay for insomnia, right?

Blue Blood

The title of this post has no meaning – It’s just the name of the Foals song I’m listening to at the moment.Β The point of this blog is… well, there really isn’t any point at the moment. I’m just bored, can’t sleep, and have a need to write.

It’s funny how creative I feel when I’m suffering from raging PMS, yet I can’t seem to focus on anything. (Like you wanted to know that… Oh, well. Who’s reading this, anyway!)

Today has been a bad day. I left work after only three hours because I was sick due to Aunt Flo… and I think my floor manager was pissed at me because of it. It irritates me that I get treated like crap for leaving early or calling out once in a blue moon when everyone else does it about once a week. I’ve only called out twice, and the first time it was because I had the flu. I had a doctors note, and the day before I had thrown up three times at work (in a five hour shift, I might add), which my manager was well aware of. Ok, so maybe the second time I called out, I wasn’t really sick, but, hey. I had just worked a twelve hour shift for them, and I really had to go to the Chevelle concert. XD (Someone bought me the ticket, damn it! I couldn’t just bail!)

Thankfully, I’m off the next two days so I have time to rest up before I go back to work. I know I’ll feel well enough to work tomorrow and Wednesday, but… I just don’t care. Honestly, I hate my job, and I feel no qualms about not working. Obviously, I work my shifts if I have to, because I’m broke off my ass, and I have bills to pay and a car to save up for, but if I’m sick, I’m not going in. If I made more than minimum wage (and considering the company I work for is a multi-billion dollar powerhouse with stores all over the world, I should be make a lot more than that), I would go in even if I was on my deathbed. Alas, the greedy bastards won’t pay us anymore than what they have to, even though what we go through on a daily basis serving the masses of idiots that come through merits a lot more than that.

But enough of me complaining. I’m sure you didn’t come here to read my whining. I promise all of my other posts won’t be as annoying (hopefully). Now, I believe I’m going to continue surfing the internet like the geek I am, blasting music (which now consists of Gotye’s lovely voice!) and eventually try to get some sleep.

Night, everyone. I love you and your anonymous faces!